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rack o't th'een

Feb 12 '11

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    shotacon and beastiality! i’m strangely okay with this.
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    UMMMMM? I knew I should have continued Red Dead Redemption the other day.
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    SWEETASS! Comeon, Mordecai! We have some loots to collect! :D I call shotgun! (And make mine a Jacobs!)
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    Oh yes. I get Ellis from L4D2. It’s ok, be jealous ;]
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    Bahahaha. I love that Ezio is my Valentine, because my boyfriend doesn’t want to be!
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    mmmmh Commander Shepard?
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    Someone’s ambitious this Valentine’s Day, honestly. (That is definitely not a complaint, btw, though if I was trying to...
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    Lightning Farron. Don’t mind if I do!
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    Guise. Im a pedophile.
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    Ezio’s getting around. But he does that normally so what’s new. And not gonna lie, I would be completely alright with...
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    Sora! …Which is a bit awkward. UNLESS you want to get TECHNICAL, in which case… Professor Layton. QUICK GIVE ME PUZZLES...
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    My Reach spartan. I’m going on a date with myself? … forever alone
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    At first i was like steve but then i was like I use a noel vermillion skin… and then i was like then again between now...
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    James Sunderland? I’m removing all the pillows from my house ASAP D:
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    uh cole macgrath? i’m okay with that…
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    =w= -pokes belly-
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    Are you kidding? Mine is Tidus…
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    Ellis. Omg yes.
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    Niko Bellic? awesome ;D
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    Ezio Auditore. YES PLEASE!
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    Oh my gosh, nooo! I think the last thing I played was FF12, and I have a bad feeling I was playing as Balthier. If only...
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    Well, alright, I guess.
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    does karkat count? probably not. i hope not. dear god i hope not.
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    If that’s the case…. DON’T MIND ME TAKING THIS HOME.
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    Why hullo there, Snake. Rawrr.
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    Chris Redfield? Sure. ♥
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    Heather from SH3 Pro.
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    :c The main character from Fallout New Vegas??? .___.
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